Once you have designed your hardware and software architectures, it is time to think of the next step - what happens now? The following tab provides you with information that is meant to help you go further in your PCB design and your firmware development.

Files Download

Based on your design, we have centralised some files that might be necessary for your design and production:

  • A table with all the links to the datasheets (.csv)

  • The list of on-chip peripherals for each component (.txt)

  • The list of chosen parameters configurations for each component (.csv)

Simply click the "Download Production Files" button to download a .zip of those files.

Focus per component

Click on one of the components to view their detailed information. For instance here, we selected the STM32F042X.

List of On-Chip Peripherals

We have listed here all the connected peripherals of your components, as well as the component to which it is connected and its Pin number.

Chosen Configuration Combination

We have listed here all the parameters of your component. You can edit your component's parameters if you come back to your Schematics and simply double-click a component.

📌 Battery Life Estimation (link).
📌 Cost of Production (link).
📌 Overall Results (link).

If you still have questions, please get in touch at support@wisebatt.com.

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