From Results, you can access the cost of BOM of your device by clicking the "Cost of Production" tab. Here, we have gathered the component cost of dozens of distributors. We update the cost several times every day to keep our data as accurate as possible.

Total Cost of BOM

Side Note:
At the moment, we only take into consideration the top of your BOM. The idea here is to provide you with a higher-level estimation, and a way to compare your components.

Change cost per number of produced piecesย 

As the cost per component varies greatly depending on the number of pieces produced, you can change the number of pieces by clicking the "Number of Pieces" button. A modal opens which allows you to change the number, which is 1000 by default.

Switch to $ / โ‚ฌย 

While the default displayed currency in Wisebatt is Euro, you can also choose to display your prices in Dollars. We dynamically change the currency based on day's exchange rate.

Choose a region

By default, we display results from Europe, North America and Asia. You can choose to refine your results by selecting only one Region. ย 


The least expensive distributor of the list is represented by the tag "min" and the most expensive by the tag "max".

Click on a category's title to change the order of the list's items.

Refine your cost of BOM range

At the top left, you can see a range of your BOM's cost. We displayed the extreme min. and max. prices based on the overall list of components.ย 

You can refine this range dynamically to have an even more accurate understanding of the final cost of your BOM. Click one of the lines representing the various distributors.ย 

The line that you selected turns grey, and the minimum or the maximum cost changes dynamically to reflect your choice.

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