Discuss with Avnet Silica Support directly from the component library in Schematics. Whenever a question on a specific component arises, it is possible to click on it to directly ask for expert support.

You can do it 3 ways:

Component Simple View

Click on the green bubble to open the chatbox.

Component Details View

If you click on a component box once, its detailed view opens. Click on “Get Expert Support” to open the chatbox.

Component Full View

If you open the component box once again, the full view opens with more details. Click on “Get Expert Support” to open the chatbox.

Chatbox with Avnet Silica Support

Understanding the Chatbox

Once either of the three buttons mentioned above are clicked on, the chatbox opens. You can write directly in the chatbox to ask any question related to Avnet Silica components. After your first message, you will be redirected to the FAE who is most relevant to you.

📌 Create a new project (link).
📌 Schematics Component Library (link).
📌 Connect Components & Change their Parameters (link).

If you still have questions, please get in touch at support@wisebatt.com.

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