In Wisebatt, every user can upload a BOM to their Schematics. 

Side Note
BOM stands for Bill Of Material, the list and quantity of electronic components needed to manufacture a device. In the electronics industry, it's usually a table with at least the name, quantity, manufacturer name and designator of each component. You can download a template here.

In the Schematics of an empty project, select the BOM button. It is located in the Library area.

Click inside the green area. A file selection modal will appear. Confirm your selection by clicking "Open".

Alternatively, you can drag and drop your BOM file inside the green area.

Wisebatt's requirements about your file
Our tool only accepts .csv files at the moment ; if your file has a different format please export it to .csv. We also don't accept files with headers - the first line should always contains contain the category titles (category name, quantity, manufacturer name...).

The button "Upload BOM file" appears. Click on it. 

BOM Recognition Tool

You will now be guided step by step by our BOM recognition tool.

Select Columns

Our tool recognises the columns used in your BOM file. If some categories don't match our preselection, it's simple! Click on the missing field to select the correct column.

Once all the columns have been matched, click "Next".

Select Components

This step is used when some components in your BOM don't match against our library, as sometimes the lack of recognition is due to a difference in spelling. 

Simply choose the right component, or select "My component is not in the list".

Click Next - this is the final step.

Finish BOM Import

Here, the components in your BOM are separated in 3 categories.

  1. Components that we recognized and that are in our library. They will be added to your project.

  2. Components that are passive. Those are not taken into consideration into our tool and will not be added to your project.

  3. Components that are not in our library. Our modelling team will model them so that you can add them to your project (learn more about component modeling and the wishlist). You can also continue without sending a request.

Project BOMs

Whether you decided to send a request or not, your BOM is now added to your project. Your BOM is only accessible in this specific project.

Click on the arrow to open the BOM Details. There are listed all the components in your BOM.

Click on a component once to view its details.

Click on a component's arrow to access its fully detailed information and browse similar components.

Get back to BOM details using the back arrow next to "Back to BOM details".
Click on "Add All Components" to add all the components at once to your Design Space, or drag and drop your components one by one.

You can then move your components and connect them together. 

📌 Create a new project (link).
📌 Connect Components & Change their Parameters (link).
📌 Component Focus & Component Request (link).

If you still have questions, please get in touch at

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