You have finished the Schematics and Behavior of your device and pressed "Get Results". Our simulation algorithm now gathers all the data contained in your Schematics and Behavior. It runs the simulation and sends it to your browser so you can access full results.

Side note:
If the simulation of a project was generated previously, then the results are already stored in our database and they will appear instantly - no need to wait!

The Generating Results view is split in 3 areas :

1. Data Compiling & Verification

This is a final check to see if there is any error left on your design that our compilers would not have found before. If you're stuck at this step, get in touch with Our engineering team will help you with the design of your virtual prototype.

2. Simulation

This means that the simulation in running on our servers. The remaining time percentage is updated every 10 seconds.
To cancel the simulation, use the link "Cancel Simulation". A link "Relaunch Simulation" appears - you can use it to relaunch a cancelled simulation.

3. Gathering Results

Simulated results are then loaded on your browser.

Side Note:
If the "Simulation" step took a long time, then the "Gathering Results" step might be long as well. In some very rare cases, your browser might not be able to load all the data and you will be stuck at this step. If it seems to happen, get in touch with us using the email address and we will send you the generated results by email.

Once "Gathering Results" is done, simulation results appear on the "Results" page.

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If you still have questions, please get in touch at

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