From the "Dashboard" or "Inspiration" pages, click on "Community".

Here you can discover profiles of electronics engineers, makers and field application engineers. You can have a look at their projects, get in touch with them and start to build your community.

Search Users

In the header of the Community page, use the search toolbar to search a user by its name. Click on β€œFind Users" to see the selected users. Use the symbol β€œβ€ to group keywords in your search.

Users Count

Below the search toolbar, you can find the total number of users publicly available in the platform.

Sort Projects Order

On the top end of the header in the Community tab, you can find two buttons:

  • Most Relevant

  • Most Recent

Most Relevant

When you access "Community", all profiles are sorted by "Most Relevant" by default.

Most Recent

This shows you the most recently developed public projects in the platform.

User Box

In the User Box are listed : the name of the user, the total number of public projects they developed, their followers and the number of projects that they starred.

Click on any User Box to view the user's profile. You can find the number of projects developed by the user including their followers/following list and the number of projects that they starred. Click on any project to open it.

If you would like to follow the user, click on the β€œ+Follow” button placed below the description of the user.

Side Note:
If the number of projects displayed in the user space doesn’t match the number shown Β in the projects button, it's because the hidden projects were developed in a private mode. In this picture, it is shown as 98 projects but only nine projects are displayed. It is understood that the remaining projects are developed in private mode. This list also takes into account the projects where the user is a contributor.

πŸ“Œ Inspiration (link).
πŸ“Œ Dashboard (link).
πŸ“Œ Project Details (link).

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