From the "Dashboard" or "Community" pages, click on "Inspiration". This is the page where you can explore various open source hardware projects developed by members of community in the platform.

Find Projects

In the header, a search toolbar will allow you to search projects based on keywords and components.

Type a keyword, for instance “STM32” and click on “Find Projects” or press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Side Note:
You can group keywords together using the symbol “”. If you search the words “Connected” “Sensor”, all the projects that have the words “Connected” and / or “Sensor” will appear. If you search “Connected Sensor”, only the projects named “Connected Sensor” will appear.

Sort Projects Order

On the top end of the header in the Inspiration tab, you can find two buttons:

  • Most Relevant

  • Most Recent

Most Relevant

When you access "Inspiration", all projects are sorted by "Most Relevant" by default.

Most Recent

This shows you the most recently developed public projects in the platform.

Going further

Click on any project to access its Schematics and Behavior. 

Click on a project's gear to fork it or to access its detail. Learn more about Fork here and Project Box Details here.

📌 Community (link).
📌 Dashboard (link).
📌 Project Details (link).

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