User Settings 

From Dashboard, Inspiration or Community, click on the Menu on the top right of your screen. Select “Settings” to change or modify your user settings.


Change your User Information

The "Settings" page will show your Profile information by default. You can start editing your profile information. Please ensure to click on “Save changes” after you complete the changes.

Side Note
Only the information inputed in the field First Name is displayed publicly, which means that your Last Name is never publicly visible. 

Upload Picture

You can upload a profile picture at the bottom of the page. Drag your picture in the box and click “Upload Picture”, or click in the green area to upload your pictures directly from your computer.


Change your Password & Email Address

Click the second tab “Settings”. You can update your password directly in the fields. Please keep in mind that the password must have a minimum of 8 characters, an uppercase letter, one number and one special character. Click on “Update password” to apply the changes. 

Update Contact Preferences & Profile Preferences

At the bottom of the page, you can select/unselect your contact preferences. After you have changed your preferences, click on “Update Preferences”.

You can also switch from a public to a private account by clicking on the slide button. Private accounts do not appear in the "Community" list. Your projects will still be public and visible in "Inspiration", unless you upgrade for a private project.

Delete Account

To delete your account, click on “Delete Account”. Please keep in mind that once your account is deleted, you cannot retrieve it.


This category relates to the transfer of ownership of projects between users. In the “Transfer” tab, you can find:

  • Received. These projects belong to other users who do not want to be project owners anymore. Here, you are asked whether you want to take ownership of these projects or not.

  • Sent. These projects belong to you at the moment. You asked other users to take ownership of these projets, so that they do not belong to you anymore. The projects are waiting for confirmation from these users.

Side Note:
If you want to transfer your ownership of a project to another user, go to your
project page, go to "Edit Project" and click on "Transfer Ownership".


Upgrade your plan

In “Plan” tab, if you are in a free plan, a message will show as “Free plan, unlimited projects”. If you wish to create a private project or to change a project status from public to private, click on “Update” button or on “Add payment method”

Once you click on the ‘Update’ button a window will pop up, asking you to fill your credit card details.

Side Note:
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If you wish to use another type of payment, get in touch with us at

Once you fill the details by mentioning your card number, expiration date and CVV, click on “Add Payment Method”.

Extra Info

Click on “Add information”, a window pops up asking you to fill V.A.T and your business name. Click on “Save information” once you are done.

📌 Edit the settings of one of your projects (link).
📌 Reset your Password (link).
📌 Your Dashboard (link).

If you still have questions, please get in touch at

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