Getting Started

From your dashboard, click on “Start New Project”.

Wisebatt redesigned the way engineers get started on a new project. A window opens with 3 choices to start your new project:

① For Beginners: Wizard

Define the functional specifications of your future device in our interface, Wisebatt will generate a template of your hardware and software architecture. You can then fine tune this template, change components, adjust the software, to adapt it further to your specifications.

② For Mid-Levels: DevKits

We modeled the top hardware development kits of the market for you to use as a base for your new project. Test them in simulation, and redesign their hardware and software to best fit your needs. 

③ For Experts: Start from scratch

Assemble active components from our library of 5000+ models, and draft the software of your device with functional blocks.

"Start from Scratch"

Click on "Start from Scratch". The project details panel opens. 

Enter a project name, invite contributors and select the status of your project.
If you have a Promotional code, simply enter it and click "ADD". Your project will be private for the duration of the offer. If you don't have a Promotional code and want one, please get in touch with

Side Note:
You can only invite contributors who already created an account on Wisebatt. If you want to invite someone as a contributor on your project, send them this link.

Your project status is "Public" by default, which means that it is free and open to other users of Wisebatt, who can view and copy it. You may want your project to be Private, meaning that only you and the project's contributors and reviewers will be able to access it. If you want to make your project Private, upgrade or get in touch with us.

Click "Get Started" and your new project opens. To learn more on a new project's interface, go to Project Area.

Start a project with "Wizard"

Click on "Wizard". A new window opens where you can enter functional specifications about your device.

Your "use case" relates to the way that your device will be used. Select one use case.

Select the key features of your device:

  • Sensor type, 

  • Communication technology,

  • Battery type.

Select the focus of your project. Should it be more low-power, low-cost, high performance? All three? Then click on "Create New Project".

The same interface as "Start from Scratch" opens (view description above). Enter the required information, then click on "Get Started".

Your new project opens. It contains a template made with generic components that fit your specifications. 

To replace a generic component with a component from our library, double click on it. A window opens. Select a component and click "Replace".

Your component is effectively replaced in your Schematics.

Continue replacing your generic components then connect them together. Learn more about component connection here.

Start with a "Development Kit"

Click on "Development Kit". A panel opens with a selection of Development Kits. Select one.

The same interface as "Start from Scratch" opens (view details above). Enter the required information, then click on "Get Started".

Your new project opens (go to Wisebatt's Project Area if you want to better understand our interface). Your new project contains the hardware of the Dev Kit you selected, with all its components.

📌 Understand a project's Schematics and Behavior interface (link).
📌 About the components library (link).
📌 How to create connections between components (link).

If you still have questions, please get in touch at

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