Component Focus

To learn more about a specific component, click on it in the library or in the design space. To access more information, click on the component box again.

A panel opens with key information about the component.

  • Packages. The enclosure of one or more components. It allows electrical connection and provides mechanical and environmental protection. It also influences the final size of your device and can have an impact on its industrialization process (some package may be more difficult to assemble than other ones).

  • Temperature ranges. The component will operate effectively within a specified temperature range which ranges from the minimum operating temperature to the maximum operating temperature (or peak operating temperature). Outside this range of safe operating temperatures the component may fail. 

  • Possible interfaces. The communication systems across which two or more separate components can exchange information. 

  • Min and Max current. 

  • Min and Max voltage. 

  • Datasheet Link. A link towards the datasheet provided by the manufacturer.

From the component focus panel you can explore similar components. Click on them to access their detailed information, or drag and drop them to the design space.

Request a missing part

Sometimes a part that you want does not exist in the library yet. Request it with the button "Request a part" (as seen above), located in the Library.

Simply fill in your part name and its datasheet link. Click + if you need to add another part request. Click "Send Request" to send your request. 

Our modeling team will receive your request and get back to you shortly to let you know how long modeling will take in your specific case.

📌 Create a new project (link).
📌 Support on Component (link).
📌 Connect Components & Change their Parameters (link).

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