What are component models?

In Wisebatt, a model of a component is composed of a power consumption model and the behavior of the component. These are modeled by the Wisebatt team and are based on the technical datasheets provided by silicon vendors.

In the Library you can find the list of all our modeled components. 

To start designing your device, simply drag and drop the components that you need, from the Library towards the design space.

Wisebatt has a lot of component models, so if you are looking for a specific part you can use the various filter tools that are available in the Library.


These category buttons represent the most common categories of electronic components for IoT and small electronics devices. 

Simply click on the symbols to select one of our 6 categories :

  • Measure & Data Acquisition. Sensors which react to environmental conditions by changing their electrical properties or generating an electrical signal.

  • Processing. Electronic circuits which perform operations on some external data source, usually memory or some other data stream. They are the brain of your device. Most famous amongst them are MCUs and Flash Memories.

  • Passive. Components incapable of controlling current by means of another electrical signal are called passive components. Passive components represented in Wisebatt are diodes only (LED, Schottky Diodes…). The resistances, inductance and capacitors are directly integrated in the component models, which means that they are not represented in the design space.

  • Power. Sources of electrical power such as primary batteries, secondary batteries and voltage regulators.

  • Communication. Components which transmit or receive data to/from another communicating device.

  • Actuator. An actuator converts electrical energy into mechanical motion.


Click on the "Filters by:" box to open the filters.

Side Note:
The filters only apply to the category that you selected. There is no global search or filtering of components.

The filters panel opens down with 4 filters :

  • Type of component.

  • Brand.

  • Supply Voltage.

  • Consumption.

Side Note:
For components, the supply voltage and consumption filters relate to the supply voltage and consumption handled by the component. For power sources, the supply voltage filter relates to the supply voltage supplied by the power source. The current consumption filter relates to the current consumption that the power source can supply.

Click on each checkbox to make your choice. The list of components changes dynamically.

Side Note:
If a specific type of component was selected, then the list in the "Brand" filter will be limited to the brands that have this specific type of component. Conversely, if a specific brand was selected, then the list in the "Type" filter will be limited to the types that have this specific brand. 

In the search area, type the specific name of the component you’re looking for. 

If you wish to learn more, head on to the tutorial "What components do I need to get started on Wisebatt?".

📌 Create a new project (link).
📌 Connect Components & Change their Parameters (link).
📌 Component Focus & Component Request (link).

If you still have questions, please get in touch at support@wisebatt.com.

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